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Who’s Da Boss

Who’s Da Boss

Hello everyone,

So with our first year of small 40k events under our belts, we’d like to thank everyone who’s come and we hope that everyone who has attended enjoyed their time at them. For 2020, though, we are hoping to go a bit further with our events.

We still plan to do a mixture of ITC/ETC based events (and more of our trademark fun and fluffy ones, da Mad Mek has plans…), however, we decided that the events that will be run under the ITC or ETC rule sets would form part of a series we are calling Who’s Da Boss? This series will be made up of a total of 6 events during 2020 where the players best 4 results will count towards their overall result.

The events in the series are a range of singles, doubles and team events in which you will still earn those all important ITC points which will be submitted to BCP. Each event will be able to stand alone and have the normal winner, runner up and third place etc with all the relevant prizes to go with them. The biggest change will be the 6th event in the series which we are aiming to make a major! We aim to have 72 spaces available and it will be held in a larger venue to our normal events. The venue is TBC but we are very close to confirming its location and once this has happens we will get all the information for you and get the tickets on sale.

At this event we will finally be able to reveal Who Da Boss is as well as
having the normal prizes up for grabs. During this event we also aim to run a
small side tournament either Blood Bowl or Age of Sigmar alongside the main 40k
one with a few vendor stalls too. We plan to do a vlog series on our youtube
channel for this event so you can all see it taking shape.

On top of the main series we are planning to run a few tournaments with a less competitive edge like the open war doubles we did earlier this year, as well as branching out into AOS and are running a tournament in March for that. If anyone has any suggestion for tournaments for other systems (X-Wing, Guild Ball, Lord of the Rings) we can look in to them and see what we can do to support these systems.

Here is a list of all the events in the series where you can buy tickets for

The series can be viewed here https://downunderpairings.com/Circuit.php?CircuitID=22

I hope everyone has a great Christmas holiday and look forward to seeing people at the doubles even in January.

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